A Mournful Gesture

I visited the Legion of Honor Museum last week in San Francisco and was pleasantly surprised by their exhibit, “The Mourners.” Although my original intentions were to view the stunning collection of Dutch and Flemish masterworks they had on display (which were of course awe-inspiring), “The Mourners” almost captivated my attention more. A collection of thirty-seven alabaster statues about eighteen inches tall apiece, the Mourners were originally sculpted to accompany a grand tomb for John the Fearless, a Duke of Burgundy, France. Each piece was a stunning display of emotional gesture and incredible drapery. I found the statues with their faces hidden or lowered beneath heavy hoods to be the most striking. There was something about the white purity of the stone and the simplicity of the raw feeling conveyed that was incredible. If you’re a Bay Area resident, it’s a must-see and it’s up until December. Check it out on the Legion’s website, you’ll be glad you did.

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