"Ancient Elm", 14 inches by 11 inches, oils on canvas.

Painting Abroad – Part 3

You never know where a good painting will happen. During my six weeks in Europe, I was looking for inspiration in all the epic cultural monuments: magnificent old castles, beautiful cathedrals, the classic boulevards that dominate so many of these old world cities. It turns out that I was actually the happiest with a painting […]


Painting Abroad – Part 2

Plein air painting in cities is a challenge. European cities full of tourists are no exception! During my travels, I was often staying in city centers where the most culture was present, and consequently, the most people. While sightseeing, I would keep an eye out for passageways with alcoves where I could prop up my easel without too much trouble and not have to worry about being in the way of a horse drawn carriage full of Asian tourists.


Painting Abroad – Part 1

This is my first blog post while painting and traveling in another country! I’ve spent the last four and a half weeks sightseeing and painting in Latvia and Poland, Prague (Czech Republic), Salzburg (Austria), Venice (Italy), Croatia, and Budapest (Hungary). It’s been a hell of a trip so far and is far too much to talk about in just one post. I’ve seen incredible paintings from European painters that I didn’t even know existed and visited some gorgeous old castles, ruins and palaces.


Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 4 Recap

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 4 an incredible event, surpassing the glory of previous years yet again. Coming home on the plane this last time around felt like I was leaving a sanctuary of colleagues, friends and incredible inspiration. I had more paintings in my booth than ever before and received enthusiastic reactions to my work from […]


New Work and Spectrum Fantastic Art Live

Lots of developments have been underway at Colin Nitta Painting & Illustration! I’ve recently finished two more personal works and have been so busy that they’ve been tough to post about individually. “Valkyrie,” was actually an experimental which I painted over an existing peice that I wasn’t happy with. The idea was that I could […]


Online Print Shop Now Open

          I have recently opened a brand new print shop! It currently features five of my paintings reproduced as 8.5″ by 11″ archival fine art quality prints. I control every aspect of this shop from printing to shipping so I’ll be able to keep the product consistent and reliable. Plus, by buying 2 or more […]


How to Build an Air Tight Palette

Let’s face it: oil paint is really expensive. There’s just no getting around it. Last week, I spent over $20 on a single small tube of cadmium yellow. Roughly multiply that cost for all the other colors in my palette and over time, that really adds up. Recently, I decided to finally build an airtight […]