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the first dream

Now introducing THEY CAME FROM DREAMS: the first dream portrait. This is a fairly straightforward illustration of the first of three astronauts locked in hypersleep in his cryogenic chamber. It’s mainly  a lead in, an entrance point to the extraterrestrial visitation that he encounters. Stay tuned to see what strange journeys of the unconscious are […]

drawing night

Tonight I took the opportunity to attend a free drawing session at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. It was a pretty good night all around, the model was a qualified professional with stimulating poses. The last image is about 6 by 4 feet in comparison to the first three which are all […]

Welcome to the Batcave

Finally! A studio to call my very own. This is where the magic happens, otherwise known as The Batcave. It’s a basement room I’ve rented out along with my fellow oil painter Lauren Szabo for the sole purpose of art making. Without further ado, here’s the virtual tour! The view of my area from Lauren’s […]

Angels and Backhoes

I guess I’ve been on a bit of a observational drawing kick. Today I went to the Mountain View Cemetery, near Piedmont Avenue in Oakland to sketch some of the statues on the headstones there. Statues are fun to draw because they’re all about gesture and attitude. They can be tricky though because they are […]

waterfall in wine country

It may be a pretty tired cliche but nature is truly the best muse an artist can ask for. I went on a relaxing jaunt in the beautiful Napa Valley with a few friends today and took the opportunity to make some sketches at a waterfall at the end of the trail. The area was […]

they came from dreams

I have henceforth released the title of my next project… it is “They Came From Dreams.” It is going to be a series of illustrations totaling somewhere around 6 to 8 (haven’t quite decided that number yet). Thumbnails and sketches are coming together for what I am think should be an intriguing set of images […]

a night at the crepe place

Last night, I had the great opportunity to see live music… and capture some of it in sketch form! My brother Alex plays in a group called the Emily Moldy Band, and he invited me to see them play with another folk artist named Sean Burns and the Lilac Field at a little joint called […]

more concepts from another dimension

More concepts for my sci/fi project! They seem to be heading into more of a horror direction, via H.P. Lovecraft… and I am very much OK with that. The unknown is always the most frightening, so I think it’s perfectly suitable for this type of genre. Sci/fi horror blends have always been some of the […]

Future King “giclee” prints for sale!

The moment you’ve all been waiting for! Future King 8.5″ by 11″ prints for $5 apiece, or a smashing deal of $25 for the complete set of ten! Email me if you’re interested and we’ll seal the deal. Sometimes, dreams do come true.

a few more extraterrestrials

      I find aliens to be a uniquely enjoyable creatures to imagine and create. There are no definitions or boundaries for what they can be, so it’s actually quite a challenge. More often than not, when aliens are depicted in popular culuture they don’t look too much different from ourselves (two arms, two […]