Portable Art

Recently, I’ve been showing my work at a lot of “pop-up” shows. I use this term to loosely describe any show that is short term, and as such I typically am not able to hang pieces on existing walls. There is truly an art to figuring out how to make a body of art portable enough for these shows!

The Making of “Summertime”

I recently finished a painting inspired by traditional Latvian folkwear, titled “Summertime”. Many people responded positively to this piece at an popup show in LA this past weekend, so I thought it would be a great piece for a “Making Of” post. With “Summertime”, I actually started by shooting a model in various poses before […]

Character Portraits, Real and Imagined

I have recently begun attending a figure painting session with fellow bay area artists. It’s been a great weekly routine in which about four to six painters and a model crowd together for warmth in a cozy garage studio in the Oakland Hills and together struggle to depict the human form for four hours. Beer and bad art puns are shared amongst all. I’ve been to a lot of different drawing and painting groups over the years, and I have to say this one is my favorite so far. Sometimes I pull off a great portrait, and sometimes I just learn from mistakes (usually the latter).

Illuxcon 8 Recap

About one year ago, I remember debating with myself whether or not I wanted to try exhibiting at Illuxcon. With every convention, there are certain calculations one undergoes before settling on whether or not to attend, along with a plethora of questions. For example: Will my work be received well? Will it sell? What is the cost of amenities in the surrounding area? Can a hearty breakfast of flapjacks and scrapple be found for a reasonable price? (more on scrapple later)

Illuxcon and the Road Ahead

I am excited to release several new developments! I have been working hard the last few weeks to prepare for my first ever exhibition booth at Illuxcon. Illuxcon is a “ground-breaking art show, symposium, and celebration dedicated solely to imaginative realism” that takes place on October 21-25 in Allentown, PA. Yours truly will be participating in the Showcase, an event during the expo that is at the Allentown Center City Holiday Inn’s on the evenings of Friday, October 23rd from 8 p.m. to MIDNIGHT and Saturday, October 24th from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Time and Inspiration

I recently heard an interesting statement. I was sitting in on a drawing class, and the teacher said that there are three elements to a work of art: size, media and time. Size and media are the obvious two elements that anyone trying to make a picture considers. Time, however is a tricky piece of […]

Painting Abroad – Part 3

You never know where a good painting will happen. During my six weeks in Europe, I was looking for inspiration in all the epic cultural monuments: magnificent old castles, beautiful cathedrals, the classic boulevards that dominate so many of these old world cities. It turns out that I was actually the happiest with a painting […]

Painting Abroad – Part 2

Plein air painting in cities is a challenge. European cities full of tourists are no exception! During my travels, I was often staying in city centers where the most culture was present, and consequently, the most people. While sightseeing, I would keep an eye out for passageways with alcoves where I could prop up my easel without too much trouble and not have to worry about being in the way of a horse drawn carriage full of Asian tourists.

Painting Abroad – Part 1

This is my first blog post while painting and traveling in another country! I’ve spent the last four and a half weeks sightseeing and painting in Latvia and Poland, Prague (Czech Republic), Salzburg (Austria), Venice (Italy), Croatia, and Budapest (Hungary). It’s been a hell of a trip so far and is far too much to talk about in just one post. I’ve seen incredible paintings from European painters that I didn’t even know existed and visited some gorgeous old castles, ruins and palaces.

The Making of “Supernatural Disaster 5”

I was recently given permission to post some additional work from an ongoing project with Centipede Press called “Supernatural Disaster.” Here’s the process behind one of my favorite pieces from the series.