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Painting Abroad – Part 3

You never know where a good painting will happen. During my six weeks in Europe, I was looking for inspiration in all the epic cultural monuments: magnificent old castles, beautiful cathedrals, the classic boulevards that dominate so many of these old world cities. It turns out that I was actually the happiest with a painting […]

Painting Abroad – Part 2

Plein air painting in cities is a challenge. European cities full of tourists are no exception! During my travels, I was often staying in city centers where the most culture was present, and consequently, the most people. While sightseeing, I would keep an eye out for passageways with alcoves where I could prop up my easel without too much trouble and not have to worry about being in the way of a horse drawn carriage full of Asian tourists.

Painting Abroad – Part 1

This is my first blog post while painting and traveling in another country! I’ve spent the last four and a half weeks sightseeing and painting in Latvia and Poland, Prague (Czech Republic), Salzburg (Austria), Venice (Italy), Croatia, and Budapest (Hungary). It’s been a hell of a trip so far and is far too much to talk about in just one post. I’ve seen incredible paintings from European painters that I didn’t even know existed and visited some gorgeous old castles, ruins and palaces.

The Making of “Supernatural Disaster 5”

I was recently given permission to post some additional work from an ongoing project with Centipede Press called “Supernatural Disaster.” Here’s the process behind one of my favorite pieces from the series.

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 4 Recap

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 4 an incredible event, surpassing the glory of previous years yet again. Coming home on the plane this last time around felt like I was leaving a sanctuary of colleagues, friends and incredible inspiration. I had more paintings in my booth than ever before and received enthusiastic reactions to my work from […]

New Work and Spectrum Fantastic Art Live

Lots of developments have been underway at Colin Nitta Painting & Illustration! I’ve recently finished two more personal works and have been so busy that they’ve been tough to post about individually. “Valkyrie,” was actually an experimental which I painted over an existing peice that I wasn’t happy with. The idea was that I could […]

Learning from the Figure

I have been learning a lot from classical figure drawing and painting recently. More and more, it has become to clear to me that I have only just begun to scratch the surface of what’s possible with drawing and painting from life.

The Making of “English Magic”

I finished my latest personal work, “English Magic” almost two weeks ago, but I’ve been so busy it’s taken me a while to write a process post. This piece was definitely one of my most ambitious portfolio pieces to date, with a lot of meticulous detail. I set out to create a piece that inspired […]

How to Build an Air Tight Palette

Let’s face it: oil paint is really expensive. There’s just no getting around it. Last week, I spent over $20 on a single small tube of cadmium yellow. Roughly multiply that cost for all the other colors in my palette and over time, that really adds up. Recently, I decided to finally build an airtight […]

The Making of “Thor”

I recently finished the eighth deity portrait in my Norse series, “Thor, God of Thunder.” I put off Thor for a while because he is far and away the most popular of all the Norse gods, and the combined forces of Marvel and Hollywood have painted a picture of him that the public has come to recognize as authentic. This version is stoic and handsome. In the original epic poem of the detailing the Norse gods, The Prose Edda by Snorri Sturleson, Thor is depicted as more of a bumbling oaf. He is a god for the common people. It was this version that I most wanted to emulate.