I am very satisfied with my latest Wizards piece, “NECROMANCER.”
Some time ago I had a vision of a skeletal horse and I really really wanted to paint it. Something about such a graceful creature walking about reanimated after it’s own death really appealed to me. It was definitely a challenge but I think I managed to pull it off! Horses are difficult enough with all their muscles and skin on. In order to get the correct reference I constructed a maquette and posed it and looked at animal anatomy books for the sharper details.
Lastly, I also have been dying to paint a more gothic sort of fantasy setting, kind of in that strange genre of fantasy horror. “NECROMANCER,” was a good step in that direction and I’d like to explore it more. I’ll have the original and prints of it for sale at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco- if you’re local, please stop by and say hello!

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