2015 Review


All the paintings I made in 2015!

Sometimes, there are so many exciting developments between one blog post and the next that I have a hard time writing them all down. With 2016 comes an exciting start to many new ventures, but it’s worthwhile to review what 2015 had to offer. Here’s a breakdown!

  • I traveled to Eastern and Central Europe for the first time in June-August, and gathered an incredible amount of inspiration from the wealth of cultures there. I visited many museums, and also painted on location.
  • I exhibited work at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 4 in Kansas City, MO in May, as well as Illuxcon 8 in Allentown, PA in October. Work was well received and I got great critical feedback from peers, and also sold a painting to a private collector.
  • I also showed work at two pop-up shows, one at the Latvian Song Festival in San Jose and another at the Latvian Center in Los Angeles. The second show saw a successful sale with a collector as well.
  • In September, I began attending a weekly figure painting session with fellow Bay Area figurative painters – a wonderful opportunity to learn through observation.
  • In December I traveled to the Mojave Desert and Death Valley, camping out and painting beautiful desert landscapes.
  • And just to cap it all off, a piece that I recently submitted to the art annual “Infected By Art” was accepted into the next volume!

Painting on location at Cesis Castle, Latvia with fellow artist Amuna Laima.


My booth at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 4!

My booth at Illuxcon 8!

My booth at Illuxcon 8!

My pop-up show at the Los Angeles Latvian Center.

The pop-up show at the Los Angeles Latvian Center.

"Mickey and Stripes", figure study painted from observation.

“Mickey and Stripes”, figure study painted from observation.


Painting on location in the Golden Canyon Trail, Death Valley, CA.


Painting on location in the Mojave Desert.

Witness - 24" by 18"

“Witness” – a painting that I submitted to Infected By Art in late December… and was later accepted in early January!

As I am writing this post, I am a slightly surprised by how much there was to cover from 2015. A lot can certainly transpire in a year! There are so many things that I am looking forward to in 2016 that it’s hard to wrap my head around it. Stay tuned for more posts and exciting new happenings coming soon 🙂

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