APE Aftermath


APE was an absolute blast! Both days were very busy and I talked to more people about my work than at any other convention so far. Laura Ramie‘s work paired perfectly with mine and I’m excited to exhibit with her again in the future. Overall, I was very pleased with the turnout and my sales at the event. I’ve never been totally focused on profit margins at an event of this sort- rather, it’s the connections people have when they interact with my work that I value most. Even so, I managed to cover all my immediate printing costs, which left me very pleased! A collaborative Street Fighter themed print titled, “SHOCKED” proved especially popular. (Details on that in an earlier blog post.)
Also, I touched up two kitbashed models I used for paintings as reference and displayed those too. They were quite the conversation starter, especially with the kids. I am totally going to show those at my next convention, Spectrum Live. Overall, everything went incredibly well and I can’t wait to do it again next year!

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