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a few more extraterrestrials

      I find aliens to be a uniquely enjoyable creatures to imagine and create. There are no definitions or boundaries for what they can be, so it’s actually quite a challenge. More often than not, when aliens are depicted in popular culuture they don’t look too much different from ourselves (two arms, two […]

figure studyin’

      Figure drawing is something I always try to get back to when time allows for it. Ideally, I prefer to draw from life… but as most artists know naked folks are a hard crowd to contact on a whim. As a result, I work from anatomy manuals, and the stellar photography they feature is good […]

Future King goes live!

Yes, those are frames welded from STEEL. Future King entered the world stage this last Thursday at a gallery in California College of the Arts in San Francisco. The evening was superb all around, complete with input from art directors from Mother Jones, Wired, University of San Francisco, the De Young Museum of Art and […]

new project!

Been sketching some character ideas for a new project that’s currently marinating in the creative cooker… I’ve been on  a bit of a sci/fi kick recently, and I realized it’s been quite some time since I explored the genre in illustration. After watching almost the entire first season of the original Star Trek, (I’m traditionally […]

juxtapose this!

I made a cool little discovery while creating a book for my latest project, Future King. Early on in the conceptual stage, I decided I wanted to do two versions of the same landscape, one in the beginning of the story and another at the end. Sort of a before/after effect, kind of like when […]