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Making the Most of Your Reference: Props

Props are the spices in a reference shoot! A good set of versatile props add liveliness and excitement to a pose. Also, it is really great for a model to hold something roughly similar to the object they need for the illustration. I think every fantasy illustrator has given their friend a T-Square to hold […]

Making the Most of Your Reference: Costume Basics

Last week, I found myself doing a bit of online shopping looking for props. A new client has me working in the cyberpunk genre and I quickly realized that I was missing a few key props that I’ll likely be using over and over for them. I think the quandary of “what kind of costumes […]

A Lesson in Witchcraft – Symbiosis Through Complementary Colors

I’m excited to release my latest personal work, “A Lesson in Witchcraft.” This also marks the completion of the first Patreon specific piece for October’s Halloween theme! Alas, it is a bit late for the holiday but overall, I’m really happy with how this one came out. Journeyman level patrons and up will receive a […]

How to Build a Convincing Interior Space with 3D

Last December, I decided to start learning 3D modeling using the program Blender. The goal was to learn enough to build 3D models for use as illustration references. Nearly a year later, I am using Blender with almost every project! It’s probably one of the most adaptable tools I’ve recently picked up. Sometimes, I just […]

Improving Photo Reference Through Lighting

One of my favorite aspects about working as an illustrator is that through this job I’ve learned a whole range of other associated skills over the years. I think a lot of people  imagine that an illustrator spends their time hunched over a desk or easel, drawing and painting – and that’s quite true, but […]

Halloween Painting: The Apprentice Witch

After three weeks of traveling abroad I am finally back home with a more regular schedule. Last month, I missed my usual character design post due to an extended period of being away from my studio. But, I am planning to make up for it in October with a new painting: The Apprentice Witch. As […]

Less Is More: Holding Back Details to Create Suspense

I recently received some interesting feedback while receiving critique on my latest painting, “Initiation.” Regarding the zombies in the background of the piece, a fellow artist mentioned the following: It’s tough to see that those are zombies. Although? That may be the right approach- giving space for titles etc, with an air of “what’s that […]

How to Add Texture to Enliven a Painting

My latest painting, “Zombie Hunter” has been on the back burner for a bit longer than I would prefer. The above image is a work in progress – she’s almost there! August has been a really busy month with tons of client work so I’ve only been able to jump back to Hunter with an […]

Work in Progress: Zombie Hunter

In between client projects, I’ve been returning to this older painting, “Zombie Hunter,” that has been on the back burner since last year. I know – that’s a long time! It took a while for me to figure out the direction that I wanted this piece to go in but now that I’ve finally established […]