The Making of You Missed a Spot

I had a super fun assignment recently: my first movie poster! Last month, Liam Walsh, director of “You Missed a Spot,” a student film in association with the University of Southern California, reached out to me for his poster needs. I’ve been approached for posters before but usually shy away from these projects – they […]

Pushing Concepts Further: How To Make Characters Shine

I was talking to my friend Galen a few days ago regarding the visual development for “Go For Baroque.” As the game designer on the project, he’s more into the nuts and bolts of how the mechanics are designed, but I like to keep him informed on the visuals so he can know where the […]

Dive Deeper Into Anatomy: Écorché Models

I recently invested in two écorché models from the company 3Dtotal based in the UK. There’s always this long period of analysis that I go through before I invest in a new tool and I thought about these models for a while before plunking down my dollars. And I have to say they were well […]

Endless Anatomy Quest: From Micro to Macro

The longer you continue to study something in detail, the more important it becomes to step back, take stock and analyze the big picture. I’ve been studying anatomy for an extended period at this point. I started with the skeleton last August and have been sticking with daily practice, albeit with a few breaks here […]

Work in Progress: The Good Rum!

A second WIP for this painting, which now has a proper name: “The Good Rum!” Man, oil painting is so much fun. I forgot how wonderful it is to work on a physical canvas and feel the brush dragging across the surface. Even the fussy little things like intermixing paint and edge control problems have […]

How to Be Your Own Guide in the Land of 3D

I’ve talked about the free 3D program Blender in the past. About a year and a half ago, I made a first attempt at learning the software. With a subject as complicated as 3D modeling, there is really a right way to learn – and a wrong way! Back then, I used a wikipedia manual […]

Work in Progress: The Raid

I know, it’s a bit of a bland title for such an action packed piece, but I honestly don’t have a great name for this one yet. It’ll come in time, I’m sure… in any case, I’m excited to share this study with you! Besides the action packed subject matter, I also looking forward to […]

Endless Anatomy Quest: Let’s Get Muscular

I have a name for my anatomy post series! I’ve decided to call it “Endless Anatomy Quest.” (EAQ for short) The more I keep learning about anatomy, the more there is to know. It’s like cracking open a book, only to find 10 more books nested inside, but that’s part of what makes it so […]

How To Create an Imagined Character

I shared my latest painting, “Three Companions,” last week… to a strangely quiet reception. I think it may have something to do with the current climate we are all living in. Social media was exploding with people sharing their stories, their art and their recent experiences in the new quarantine, creating a state of extremely […]

Work in Progress: Beware

These are strange times we live in. There’s not too many other periods in my life when something so global dominated my every waking moment to the extent that it starts to filter into everything. I think the only time I can really remember this happening was 9/11. While my daily life actually hasn’t changed […]