Quick Perspective: The Starburst Method

Well, it’s been another busy month. After getting home from my whitewater rafting trip, my schedule was immediately consumed with several contract negotiations, wrapping up a commission, planning a big party for the Summer Solstice and also spending time with family visiting from overseas. Whoa! Today, I want to share a neat little perspective method […]

Revisiting a Concept: Zombie Hunter

Sometimes, a good idea is buried under a lot of bad ideas. I was clicking through some old folders of work recently and came across an idea from last year that I really wanted to paint, but had to give up when I hit a creative wall. This can happen, especially with personal work. When […]

Using Masters for Inspiration: Inka Umu

Whew. I’ve recently emerged from a crazy black hole of work overload. My apologies for the quiet period! Multiple deadlines at the same time forced me to chain myself to my computer for over a week. “Inka Umu”, a book cover illustration for an independent author, is the last project from this time. The piece […]

Designing Poses that Work: The Revelers

So, I’ve been really swamped with a lot of NDA work recently and the personal work has gotten shifted to the back burner. However, I’d like to share a story here with you that I actually haven’t really told since I worked on it last summer. I was asked by a client to undertake the […]

How to Find the Heart of a Story: Into the Feywild

I am very excited to release my latest digital painting, “Into the Feywild.” In developing the concept for this piece, I had a bit of a revelation. I realized that the beginning stage of thumbnails and concepts for a new painting is always the most difficult for me. Rarely do I have an idea that’s […]

Compelling Covers: Character Design and Narrative

I recently completed my latest digital painting, “Burn the Past”, and am excited to share with you the thought process that went into this piece 🙂 One of the first things I wanted to do at the outset of this piece was design an illustration that would first and foremost be super effective as a […]

Burn the Past: Compositing Found Reference with 3D Modeling

The above snapshot is a closeup of my latest painting, “Burn the Past.” It’s really close. I am just sleeping on it at the moment so I can approach it with fresh eyes before I call it finished. One thing that I discovered while making this painting was the world of possibilities that open up […]

Burn The Past: Reworking an Old Painting

When I started this Patreon back in October, I decided to kick it off with a painting called “Survivor”. I painted this piece in just under a week, right before the Illuxcon convention. With hindsight, I can see a lot of problems with this original painting that I just wasn’t really able to get past […]

Welcome to My Humble Abode

I’m very excited to release my latest digital painting: “Welcome to My Humble Abode”. I posted a small zoom in of this character on Instagram and it seemed to generate a good bit of buzz! Something that I’ve been mulling over recently is the “There and Back Again” journey I’ve had between traditional and digital […]

Working Digitally: Studio Set Up & A Sight Sizing Method

Every time after I finish up a big deadline, I have to do a bit of studio tidying. When I’m in the depths of a project, my environment just kind of degrades. My clean desk gets cluttered with reference books and coffee cups start to pile up on any available horizontal surface nearby. Sketches float […]