Hibernation Chamber No.2

The latest sleeping portrait is complete. Title: HIBERNATION CHAMBER NO.2

side by side




Come, take a walk with me, and side by side we shall witness the portraits of sleeping astronauts. I’m giving all the secrets of my process away this time since the final product is fairly predictable. The experience of recreating an preexisting composition is both a challenge and a pleasure. Although I’ve done this before with landscapes, I’ve never attempted to “clone” an existing color scheme as well. While this is often done by students imitating masters, it’s not often that an artist tries to imitate their own work. I’ve found that the color choices I make that were first attempted on the fly and without planning are difficult to recreate with a different sense of purpose. However, it’s a great learning experience for really nailing down specific values and hues. At one point, I realized that a certain shade of purplish black was just not matching the one I was looking at in my first portrait. I finally figured out that I was missing an important element in the mixture, the color Pthalocyanine Blue; upon adding it the results I desired were easily achieved. It’s almost like baking a cake, and using a slightly different ingredient that what is called for. The taste may be similar, but something is definitely”off”. Another change I noticed the second time around was the time it took to paint the second portrait; it seems to be going a lot faster, as there is not as much guesswork involved. Altogether, it should be finished by the end of my next session, and I’m quite excited for the final result.






I give you the first dream encounter painting of the series THEY CAME FROM DREAMS; it’s titled MESSENGER. Over three feet tall, this painting was a real challenge to produce, but I feel it was well worth the effort. My work is moving in new directions, with a changing color palette and lighting scheme different from routes I have chosen in the past. Out of the darkness and into the light; I believe this is an apt description for the mood in my recent illustrations. Yellow is such a difficult color that I have rarely experimented with, and although I definitely struggled with its transparent tendencies, I believe I have successfully wrangled it into the painting in an accomplished manner. With this completion of the first big illustration in this series, I am in the process of updating my homepage with the new project. THEY CAME FROM DREAMS is officially here, and more aliens are en route into our dimension via the channels of the human brain.

the first dream

Now introducing THEY CAME FROM DREAMS: the first dream portrait.

This is a fairly straightforward illustration of the first of three astronauts locked in hypersleep in his cryogenic chamber. It’s mainly  a lead in, an entrance point to the extraterrestrial visitation that he encounters. Stay tuned to see what strange journeys of the unconscious are unfolding behind those closed eyes.