It’s been a while since my last post- lots of behind the scenes work has been going down in the world of Colin Nitta Illustration and time for posting progress has been a bit lacking. The reference and sketches above is for my next “Wizards” painting, “TINKERER.” It’s one of three projects in progress right now. I’ve recently decided to change both the title and the character design for this upcoming Wizards painting. At first it was called “ALCHEMIST”, but that didn’t really fit, as that title would suggest a more passive kind of sorcerer who mixes potions in his laboratory and spends decades attempting to make diamonds from coal. This particular wizard is an adventurer whom builds his own robot to ride into battle, so “ALCHEMIST” just doesn’t fit. “TINKERER” is much better- it suggests a younger, exuberant sort of wizard who is much more brash than your average spellslinger. The robot changed as well- I realized that my first model was too top heavy and awkward. I shifted parts around and devised a lower center of gravity. The result made for a lumbering foot soldier, complete with backpack and shoulder mounted armaments. Also, a space behind his head made for the perfect spot for the wizard to sit and control the machine. Its not the most realistic design ever- no pilot would ever sit in such an exposed cockpit during combat- but that’s part of the story behind the illustration. This character just jumped onboard his robot and headed for the front line without a second thought. More updates coming soon!

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