It has been much too long ! My apologies for a severe lack of posts here. This marks the first time in which I have a rather unique problem: I am doing a lot of work that I can’t share publicly! Don’t mistake this for a complaint, however: I love having illustration work and collaborating with clients. Publishing deadlines just happen to be rather long, so all the work I’m doing is locked up for now behind closed doors until some of these projects get released to the real world.

Recently though, I was finally able to finish a personal piece in between the commissioned work, titled “Chartreuse.” This was a really fun portrait based on some old photo reference I took ages ago. One day, digging through some old sketches, I came across this little beauty:

I liked it a lot and realized it was much better than the painting that followed it originally. So,  I repainted it in a different format and “Chartreuse” was born.

While challenging to pull off, I am finding it more and more important to continue my personal work amidst the client work. It seems to flex my mind in a different direction. Also, I will be exhibiting at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 3 again from May 9-11 in Kansas City, MO and I really want to be able to showcase some new paintings there. I can’t wait! The last two SFAL’s were mind blowing and I expect the third to be more so.

Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully I can update more!! (fingers crossed)


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