Hel and High Water

hel portrait

Study for “HEL”

san bruno mountains painting

“TOWER,” painted on location in the San Bruno Mountains.

san andreas lake painting

“SAN ANDREAS LAKE,” painted on location.

san andreas lake painting

I am keeping busy as ever and have started a new “mini-series” in the studio. The drawing above is a study of the Norse goddess named Hel- according to the writings of Snorri Sturluson, she is represented as both a gatekeeper to the underworld and the location itself. She is going to part of larger series of portraits about this particular pantheon that I have plans to incorporate into a grander scheme. More on that coming soon!

I’m also keeping up the plein air thing, so far. I am really enjoying the duality of these two modes of working- it keeps my hand moving in different ways and keeps my painting fresh and inspired. The plein air work forces me to work quickly, while light conditions are still consistent. This energy lingers with me when I work from photographs in the studio. My painting partner, Amuna Laima took the above photo when we had just set up to paint San Andreas Lake. We laid the easels on the ground, to keep a low profile and avoid attracting unwanted attention. Sneaky!

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