Illuxcon 9

My booth at Illuxcon 8!

My booth at Illuxcon 8!

In one week, I will be touching down in Pennsylvania for Illuxcon 9. I couldn’t be more excited! Last year was so much fun. I am very much looking forward to reuniting with the fantasy illustration tribe in the convention’s new location at Goggleworks Center for the Arts in Reading, PA.

Preparation for Illuxcon 9 has been intense. I am bringing more artwork this time and have carefully measured out my booth dimensions to make sure everything just barely fits. Here are some new works that will be on display and available for sale:

Forbideen Knowledge, 28" by 21"

Forbideen Knowledge, 28″ by 21″

Gorp Scream-Bringer, 20" by 16"

Gorp Scream-Bringer, 20″ by 16″

The Necromancer's Return - 18" by 24"

The Necromancer’s Return – 18″ by 24″

Dana & Goliath - 24" by 18"

Dana & Goliath – 24″ by 18″

Twisted Fellowship - 20" by 16"

Twisted Fellowship – 20″ by 16″

I will also be exhibiting a brand new series of miniature paintings, featuring castles inspired by recent travels in Europe. Below are three completed pieces of the series thus far. I like to think of this series as a postcard memento to a long forgotten age 🙂

Camelot, 6" by 4"

Camelot – 6″ by 4″

Fortitude - 6" by 4"

Fortitude – 6″ by 4″

Wanderer - 6" by 4"

Wanderer – 6″ by 4″


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