The Making of You Missed a Spot

I had a super fun assignment recently: my first movie poster! Last month, Liam Walsh, director of “You Missed a Spot,” a student film in association with the University of Southern California, reached out to me for his poster needs. I’ve been approached for posters before but usually shy away from these projects – they […]

Pushing Concepts Further: How To Make Characters Shine

I was talking to my friend Galen a few days ago regarding the visual development for “Go For Baroque.” As the game designer on the project, he’s more into the nuts and bolts of how the mechanics are designed, but I like to keep him informed on the visuals so he can know where the […]

Dive Deeper Into Anatomy: Écorché Models

I recently invested in two écorché models from the company 3Dtotal based in the UK. There’s always this long period of analysis that I go through before I invest in a new tool and I thought about these models for a while before plunking down my dollars. And I have to say they were well […]

Reference and Costuming: Powder Street Market

Illustration Master Class

The Beauty of Ruins

Color Charts