My latest piece in my Wizards series is well underway, titled “ORACLE.” The central concept for this upcoming illustration is a pair of characters linked through a symbiotic relationship, essentially acting as a singular force. When divided, they are but handicapped mortals… yet when together they may channel each other’s power to achieve divine foresight. I certainly won’t deny the H.R. Geiger influence coming through in this piece- I am definitely aiming for a similar biomechanical vision of a futuristic fantasy. However, I am seeking a more ambiguous sort of feeling, more of a shimmering dreamscape than a disturbing nightmare. I’ve planned more than usual for this one, hence the first two studies including an architectural study. In addition, I’m looking to experiment with color on this one as well, with more cool shades and pastel hues than my usual fare. I’m hoping the extra preparation will aid my attempt to finish this piece in an expedient manner. Nevertheless, the canvas is over three feet tall and more than a little bit intimidating. Wish me luck! I predict I will be working my hands to the bone on this one…

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