Project Hybrid


Commander Charlie Bernhardt

Princess of Ganymede

Princess of Ganymede

My most recent batch of paintings finally has a name: “Hybrid.”

I’ve always been fascinated by unexpected combinations, usually in the form of film. One of my very earliest artistic influences, Star Wars is essentially a genre mashup. Science fiction meets mythology, plus the Old West and Japanese samurai flicks. Alien, another favorite, was arguably the first science fiction/horror film. The last film in my holy trinity, Blade Runner is film noir detective plus dystopian future.

This most recent collection of work is tied together by a blending of genres and the weaving of stylistic devices. I’m well aware that genre is really just a vehicle for story, but it’s funny how much we pay attention to it. In a recent radio interview, William Friedkin, director of “Exorcist,” claimed that he never intended the film to be in the horror genre, yet now it is recognized as an all time classic in that category. I want to turn assumptions on their heads with this work. And most of all, I want to tell some great stories with pictures! More coming soon!

A study for an upcoming mashup...

A study for an upcoming mashup…

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