Our snazzy booth at Spectrum Live!

A beautiful opera house outside the convention center. Reminds me a lot of stacks of heat reflective aluminum ducting tape.

The stunning Midland Theatre where the awards ceremony was held. A real piece of work, built in the 20’s by some seriously epic people.

Some really strange towers on top of the convention center, a bit reminiscent of the the control bridge on the second Death Star.

Spectrum! It was incredible, mind blowing, face melting and everything in between! I’ve never seen anything like it. There was so much talent in that single hall that I am literally charged by it. I met a lot of my heroes and saw some incredible original work up close. Nothing in the known universe comes close to seeing a masterful painting in the flesh. And there were dozens of them! Not to mention a plethora of prints, sculptures, demonstrations and eye opening lectures. I am still reeling from the magnitude of the experience.
A huge thank you goes out to Cathy and Arnie Fenner for putting on such a magnificent show. And especially to my table mates Mike Manomivibul and Brynn Metheney! Those guys rock my socks off! I absorbed so much insight by exhibiting alongside them, not to mention a barrel of laughs and great times. My artistic ammunition has truly been reloaded with a truckload of new ideas, technique and inspiration. Until next year!

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