A Return to Landscape

“Briones Park”

“Traylor Ranch”

Recently, I’ve had more opportunities to paint landscapes from observation. With longer summer days and warm weather, plein air painting is a much easier to coordinate during this time of the year and I’ve been soaking up the inspiration as much as possible.

“Traylor Ranch,” was painted on location in my beautiful hometown of Penryn, California. I’m particularly happy with “Traylor Ranch.” I’m tempted to call it a breakthrough, but am still a little too close to tell.

One of the things I’ve discovered about plein air painting is that it is largely about making mistakes and learning from them. Every painting represents a new set of challenges, and it seems to be about every third or fourth painting that I manage to meet those challenges and walk away with something I’m truly happy with. The first three paintings represent stepping stones for me. There are certain elements in them that I’m satisfied with and others that I know could be improved. “Traylor Ranch,” seems to be one in which the problems I gave myself were largely solved, and in a shorter amount of time than the others. I think I may have painted it in less than two hours. When a plein air painting takes longer than two hours, I know I’m usually doing something wrong!

Another reason I’ve been painting a lot of work outdoors is to prepare for an upcoming show this September in San Francisco. There aren’t many details I can release at this time, but stay tuned and I’ll have more announcements to come!

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