Roleplaying Portraits

I’m excited to announce that today I am releasing an all new painting commissions service, called Roleplaying Portraits! I am now offering my services as a painter of imaginative portraiture.
The service offers unique, hand painted portraits of roleplaying characters and is for gamers of all stripes, including digital and tabletop gaming.
One might ask, “Why did you want to start a new website for this Colin?” Well, it all came down to communication. I’ve always been available for commissioned works, but few people realize this. Portraiture has been a life long love, and I realized that if I truly want to pursue collaboration with others, then I need to take the first step. What better way to do that than through offering a website that explains the process from start to finish, complete with an online ordering system?
Watch the video below for more information, and check out Roleplaying Portraits!

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