The first piece in my Wizards series “SAGE” is complete! This particular illustration was definitely one of those incredibly stubborn pieces that just refused to be finished. Multiple times throughout the latter half of the painting, I was ready to simply quit the thing and gloss over areas I knew needed more attention than they had received. I realized that the only way this character’s persona of mad obsession would communicate itself was through the surrounding elements. The objects around him actually ended up being a much greater challenge than his portrait as there was a multitude of textures, surfaces and patterns present, all of which needed to be made convincing. The open book full of mystic runes was actually quite enjoyable to depict as I pretty much created the characters as I went along and they came out much more archaic than I expected. I’ve created a postcard of this image as well- my version of a Christmas card- so look out for this fella, he might just end up lurking in your mailbox!

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  1. Colin
    Colin says:

    Totally! I can’t decide what the translation for the text of what he’s reading would be… either, “How to Summon a Nefarious Demon from the Ninth Circle” or, “Grandma Jenning’s Dern-Tootin’ Good Boisenberry Pie.”


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