Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 3 Recap

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 3 was amazing! I’m still recovering from the massive dose of inspiring art and talent. This year, I had my a whole booth all to myself and was pleased and excited to have a significant number of people show interest in my work, from fans of the fantasy genre to giants in the industry that I respect and admire. I decided to set up my pochade easel this time around and paint a simple portrait study to generate attention and keep myself busy for when foot traffic slowed down. It turned out to be a really good idea – a lot of people stopped by to see what was going on, and some folks even asked technical questions, such as “how do you keep the skin colors from getting muddy?” I was actually hard pressed to come up with an answer for that one – sometimes I forget how much practice is required before painting even tones without muddy mixtures on the canvas becomes natural. Naturally, the advice of my own teachers came to mind and that was what I usually responded with.

All in all, I am so glad that I invested in this convention – it was totally worth all the effort and preparation. Ginormous thanks to Cathie and Arnie Fenner for yet another incredible show. Until next year, Spectrum!

Colin Nitta at the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live convention.

I painted in my booth during the convention, a first for me. It was suraprisingly fun, and a few people even asked me for tips!

Another view of the booth.

A small portrait study that I painted during the convention, titled “Violet Simone.”

Some Spectrum swag I picked up: (clockwise, starting from the top) a postcard by Kelly McMorris, a print by Jeff Miracola, a greeting card by Craig Elliot, a postcard by Rebbeca Yanovskaya, and a postcard by The Fantasy Illustration Library: Lands and Legends.

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