Svörtsál is a real time character based off an original concept, developed during a course at the Vertex School. Big thanks to my instructors Ackeem Durant and Ryan Kingslien, I learned so much from this experience!

Orthographic with cloak.

Orthographic without cloak.

Hair and fur.

ZBrush highpoly.


148.51k tris – with fur cloak

117.38k tris – without fur cloak


81.59k tris – character

29.13k tris – fur cloak

26.79k tris – hairstyle

9k tris – axe


12 total

2k-4k Albedo + Roughness/Metallic/AO + Normal

Original concept.


In the cold dark north, only the strongest and most brutal survive. Born to the Skuggapest tribe, Svörtsál has only known the constant bloodshed and violence that define his barbaric culture. Apparent at birth, his celestial heritage set him apart from his peers as an Aasimar with ancestors sired by the deity of vengeance.

Tragedy and betrayal would soon set him on his path to realize his destiny to enact bloody retribution in the name of Assuran. The last of his kind, he sets off with the last of his heritage and his trusty axe to find answers the only way he knows how. Simple minded but instincts sharp as a razors edge, he would fulfill his purpose as the Doombringer’s champion.

After several adventures and a chance encounter that would spare him the hangman’s noose, Svörtsál makes his way to Baldur’s gate. Inducted into the Flaming Fist to repay a debt, he enters into the service of a new warband to uncover corruption as deep as the nine hells. Something infernal is going on in the city of deceit, thievery, and murder. Vengeance must be paid no matter the cost.

– excerpt by Christian Mannenbach