The Stone and Exile of the Prince – Now for Sale!

Wraparound cover illustration for “The Stone,” by Bryen O’Riley. Published by Luthando Coeur, an imprint of The Zharmae Publishing Press.

I now have two books with covers I illustrated for sale online! “The Stone,” by Bryen O’Riley is an epic fantasy novel that I was asked to illustrate earlier this year. It’s now available for sale in print and e-book format, available through the Zharmae Publishing Press online bookstore, as well as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I plan on writing a detailed post about the making of this particular cover soon!

The second book now available is “Exile of the Prince,” by Jesse Sterling Harrison. It’s currently available in e-book format on Amazon – I believe a print version will also be coming soon. It’s so exciting to have my art out in the wild! Having been an avid reader at a young age, I feel like I can pass on some of the same inspiration that originally got me into painting and illustration. Pick up your copy today!

“The Stone,” by Bryen O’Riley – on shelves in both print and e-book format!

A nifty map illustration I was also commissioned to illustrate for “The Stone” 🙂

“Exile of the Prince,” now available in e-book format!

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