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I recently designed some printed pieces for a friend’s wedding and I thought it’d be fun to show some of the work. The newlyweds Burton and Trupti Li asked me to create several different pieces for their wedding, including a program for the ceremony, a map of the property where the wedding took place, and some smaller pieces such as table placement cards and a dinner menu. It was quite an interesting challenge to handle such a multi-headed beast, but I had a lot of fun fitting all the pieces together.
I enjoyed designing the program the most. Burton and Trupti wanted a hand done feel, referencing the vibe of a Wes Anderson film. Weirdly enough, i knew exactly what they meant by this! So, I drew a portrait of them with brush and ink, then took it into photoshop and printed it in brown on a recycled paper stock. The rest of the pieces I created followed this aesthetic.
It was a lot of fun to step outside the oil painting box and work in an entirely different method. I had forgotten how challenging and rewarding brush and ink can be- I may be returning to the medium for personal projects in the future. Thanks for stopping by!

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