World Building

Interior Map for Angry Shadows Rising
A publisher I work with, Luthando Coeur (an imprint of The Zharmae Publishing Press) recently released a map I drew as an interior illustration for the book, “Angry Shadows Rising.” Authors and readers alike have expressed a fondness for maps and it seems to really give a new dimension to the world the writer is depicting. Questions like “how big is this world?” and “how much is explored?” are difficult to express meaningfully in prose. But with a map, it all becomes clear and believable.

Interior map for “The Stone” by Bryen O’Riley

I’ve been drawing maps for made up worlds since I was a kid when I started playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends from school. As a dungeon master, it’s very useful to be able to draw maps of all kinds for the purpose of world building: floor plans for castles, maps of countries, continents and kingdoms. The players are always asking for information on this made up world and it needs to come from somewhere. Nothing like a map for reinforcing realism!

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